Four Barbeque Accessories that Every “Q” Cook Should Have in His (or Her) “Kit Bag”!

When I was in the Army we used to refer to Kit Bags as any bag or duffel or knapsack of “stuff” we wanted to carry. Sometimes it was just a metaphor for grouping non-physical things such as personnel skills.

We think a good barbeque chef should have a Kit Bag of tools or barbeque accessories. Good tools always make a job easier. The same rule applies to cooking.

Items that we think should be in the barbeque accessories “kit bag”

Charcoal Chimney

A Charcoal Chimney Starter is the best way to start your charcoal.


Chimneys are great tools to start you charcoal. They are easy to ignite and they allow you to arrange the charcoal properly.

Thermometers are essential for barbeque cooking.pork barbeque

Thermometers are essential for barbeque cooking.  We highly recommend have a thermometer for checking the internal temperature of the meat and an oven type thermometer for checking the temperature of the cooking chamber. You also need a temperature gauge for checking the cooking chamber.

bbq cooking glovesBarbeque Cooking Gloves are handy (no pun intended!) barbeque accessories.


A Barbeque Apron will be needed to avoid being soiled by preparing food.