Barbeque Grills are Quite Capable of Performing as Smokers

Barbeque grills are almost a necessity in today’s households.The warm weather beckons us outside to cook outdoor favorites such as hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, and chicken.

For the real barbeque chef a grill is another tool to amaze and tantalize guests with his wizardry of outdoor cooking.

We have already pointed out that a barbeque grill can serve as a smoker and do a pretty decent job.

In fact, some of the recipes on this site are probably better done on grill than a dedicated smoker.

That said, how do you chose a barbeque grill? Deciding on a grill choice is not always straightforward. You have to chose based on the type of fuel used in the grill.

The primary choices are charcoal and gas grills.

Charcoal Grills:

I don’t think anything beats a charcoal fire. The flavor of meat cooking on a charcoal grill is exceptional and cannot be duplicated with a gas grill. A Weber grilll falls into this category and make an excellent choice for a charcoal grill.

Sometimes charcoal is difficult to light but the problem is easily solved with the right tools. A charocal chimney starter is the ideal tool but a small propane torch also does a good job.

  • Construction should be of high grade steel preferably enamel coated.
  • Grates should be made of stainless steel for easy cleaning.
  • The cooking surface should be large enough to with both direct and indirect heat.
  • The food grate should have a hinge so that it can be opened to add charcoal during cooking.
  • Wooden handle are convenient for avoiding burns

Gas Grills:

  • The construction should be of high grade steel. Many of the best are stainless.
  • The burners should have angled metal bars, lava rocks, or ceramic briquettes to distribute the heat.
  • Look for good control of the burners with precision dials
  • A reliable and maintainable ignition system is a must. You want to be able to observe the ignition easily so that you will not have to guess if the grill is lit.
  • Look for good design for fat drainage. Gas grills are notoriously susceptible to flare ups over burners.

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