Cooking in a Barbeque Competition

Barbeque Competition – Do you have what it takes?

A barbeque competition is always an eye opening event in more ways than one. The cooking is outrageously good.

The team at Backyard Smoker Barbeque Chef believe that we produce some pretty good Q.

It certainly rivals that produced by many good barbeque restaurants and it is much better than the ribs produced by the “casual dining” category of restaurants such as TGIF, Bennigans, and Chili’s (although some of their recipes are pretty good).

We’ve done ribs for family functions, work functions, and community events and received great compliments on the food. Barbeque competition,

however, is at the next level. You don’t realize how much better it can be until you taste competition level Q.

The professionals at these competitions are very exacting in their procedures, techniques, ingredients, and meat choices when entering a competition. The precision of temperature control alone is example of the practice of the art that must be learned to be competitive.

Memphis-in-MayThe outstanding backyard chef can deliver excellent smoked meat to their diners with a range of temperature variation that would doom the competition cook.

I am a dedicated fan of the barbeque competition circuit and plan to maybe enter the ring next season (if I have the time). I have a neighbor that is a competition cook and I’ve seen how obsessive that competitors have to be just to be in the running.

Personally I’m more interested in are the techniques and recipes that the pro’s use to achieve their unbelievable results.

How do they achieve that perfect smoke ring? How did they get those ribs just the perfect color? How did they get the meat of ribs to give just the right amount of resistance without completely falling off the bone?

I recently picked up a book that reveals many of the secrets that the professional use. The book is the primer for anyone aspiring to enter competition barbeque. It reveals many subtle techniques that on the surface seem minor but give you an edge when it comes to judging. The book provides precise temperatures, ingredients, equipment recommendations, and strategy for the competition cooker. I’m using incorporating the methods more and more in my own Q cooking.

Even if you don’t want to enter competitions this book will supercharge your ability to create outstanding barbeque. It is highly recommended.

The bottom line, if you are a serious Q chef you can’t go wrong in adding this book to your kit bag. It’s only $29.95 but it’s worth ten times it’s weight in ribs for anyone wanting to improve and go to the next level. If that is where you want to go Click Here!

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